There are lots of abandoned dogs in the world. They live and suffer in the streets on their own. They don’t have anyone to look after them and they struggle just to survive. Many organizations have been working hard for the welfare of these deserted animals. Sadly, not all of them make it out alive. Powder was one of the lucky pooches that were found right on time.

Powder was found abandoned in the Florida Everglades. A couple was out at the boat ramps when they saw him. He could barely move. The people tried for hours to get help and the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded. The deputies were determined to help the poor pooch. Within an hour, Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue came along and agreed to take Powder into their care. The dog had surgery on both his eyes and his recovery was long and hard. But thanks to the kind people, he is fully recovered and ready for adoption now!

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