The adorable little dog in the video below is called Napoleon. He is a mixed breed rescue puppy who loves hanging out with his foster mom. In the video below, he is in the car with her. He wants to sit on her lap, but she says no. When he realizes that mom isn’t going to comply to his wishes, he throws the cutest temper tantrum ever! You are going to melt for sure!

After this video got unbelievable number of views, Southern Indiana Animal Rescue decided to answer some questions about him. They don’t have an idea about which breed the puppy belongs to, but they did reveal that he has a medical condition called megaesophagus and is on 2 different motility medications. Due to Napoleon’s stubby appearance, his vet believes that he might have dwarfism. They aren’t accepting applications for adoption right now in regards of his medical condition. He is in his foster mom’s care for now.

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