Once we establish a relationship with another being a sense of belongingness arises. This in turn results into attachment. But life has its own rules. Whenever we lose the person with whom we are so attached we are bound to break down psychologically. In the video below you will see the trailer of a movie called Max. The movie is an attempt to shed light on the life of army men including the four legged warriors.

The video shows Max, a military dog that undergoes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when his handler dies. The soldier succumbed to death while he was on deployment in Afghanistan. His death has caused an irreparable loss to his family and Max. The family decides to adopt Max. Max is initially unwilling to come in contact with humans. But slowly both Max and the family get healed of their broken hearts.

Watch the video to see how the military dog and the family of the deceased soldier return to normalcy. Do share your views on the video.


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