Marie Alexander is a 92 year old woman from Inverness. She lives with her nine year old rescue Chihuahua called Sassy. The little pooch follows the elderly woman everywhere she goes. One day when Marie was going out to check her mail, she stepped the wrong way and fell backward. She couldn’t get up without some help. She thought she wouldn’t be found since she was lying behind a fence and bushes. But that’s when her loving dog stepped up to save the day.

Sassy normally barks only when the doorbell rings, but this time she barked for five hours straight. She ran toward every car that passed, hoping to get their attention. Sassy didn’t give up, and thanks to her, a couple walking by found Marie and rushed to her aid. Alexander was dehydrated, so she had to be hospitalized. But now she is doing well. And all thanks to Sassy – the true hero!

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