Even though animals act according to their animal instinct, there are times when they can be confused about their own identity. It especially happens when two species of animals are brought up together. The specie of minority always learns the behavior from the specie of majority. Similar situation can be observed in the video below.

This Himalayan kitty in the following video is really hungry and asks for her owner for food. However, the way she does it left me in stitches. She slowly crawls up to her mom and makes the sound like that of a goat. It is really bizarre to hear a kitty make a sound of a goat, yet it is undoubtedly hilarious. We do not know if this cat was raised up along with goats, but we do know that he definitely sounds like one.

This is the strangest cat I have seen in the internet. What do you think about this cat? Don’t forget to comment your thoughts in the comments section below!


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