Sometimes we get to hear such heartbreaking things in the news, we can’t hold back our tears. The same thing happened with CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. The woman broke down while she was reporting on a tear-jerking photo from Aleppo, Syria. This image of a little boy called Omran Daqneesh is going viral all over the internet.

The clip is unforgettable and heartbreaking. It shows us how bad the situation actually is in Syria right now. The war is destroying the country and children are suffering the most. Omran is covered in blood and dust while he sits patiently waiting for medical attention. The image was captured after his home was destroyed by an airstrike on August 16, 2016. He used to live in the Syrian city of Aleppo with his mother, father, brother, and sister. Luckily, everyone in his family survived the bombing. According to Aleppo Media Center, where Omran was treated, he was in extreme shock. That is why he is so still and silent throughout.

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