The precious dog featured in the video below is named Kali. She is a seven year old Collie/Golden Retriever mix who belongs to a lovely family. This little girl loves outdoors. However, one day when she was on a hike in the rapids near Rebecca Falls, on the border of Minnesota and Canada with her owners, she missed a jump and fell to a ledge about ten feet below.

According to her owner, David Kareken, he was on his way to rescue Kali when the dog jumped into the rapid waters, trying to swim her way out herself. The man knew the chances of survival were very low. They called and searched for hours trying to find her, but to no avail. The family had to make the tough decision of returning back to their home in Asheville, N.C without Kali. But one day they got a phone call that changed everything! The dog managed to survive ten days in the Canadian wilderness by herself! Can you believe that?
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