A dog is often referred to as man’s best friend. These guys are adorable, goofy, and they give you great company. Also, who could forget how loyal they are! They have lots of love to give and you can always count on them through good times and bad. They deserve all the happiness in the world, don’t you think? But sadly, some people are very harsh and cruel towards them.

Many dogs end up in the streets due to their owner’s neglect. Even though some of them make it out and into the shelter, they aren’t treated very well there. If they aren’t adopted in time, some of them end up risking euthanization. In a shelter filled with many helpless dogs, Ginger Rogers managed to stand out. Whenever she saw someone walk by her cage, the little girl started dancing with vigor. Thankfully, she got a dancing partner as well! According to Orange County Animal Services, Ginger has been adopted.

Watch Ginger dance below! Isn’t she is the cutest? Feel free to share what you thought about the clip in the comments!


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